What is the difference between English and American?

If you intend to travel a bit and meet English or Americans, you will probably learn that the language they speak is not the same.   But what are the main differences?

Differences in pronunciation:

The letter “r” is not pronounced in the same way that it comes out of the mouth of a Londoner or a New Yorker.  The American “r” is more pronounced than English. Another letter that differentiates the two languages: the “l”. In the pronunciation of British English, there are two ways to pronounce it: the light l and the dark l, while the American English only bother with one pronunciation: the dark l.   The “t” and the “u” also have a different pronunciation.

Spelling difference:

Yes, if you are in America and you see mold, you can exclaim: “Oh! what a dirty mold “, while in England it is” mold “!

On the other hand, the suffix “our” British is replaced by “gold” (without u) in American English. If you go window shopping in the States: “You can buy a shirt with a nice color” but in England your “will have a lovely color” t-shirt!

Difference of vocabulary:

There are also objects or concepts that do not look the same whether they are on American soil or an English brain.

For example: at Las Vegas airport you will get off an airplane, while in Heathrow it will be an airplane. At the restaurant in Picadilly circus, if you want to eat eggplant, order some “eggplant” while in Boston, you will have to ask for “eggplants”. For your addition, do not fool yourself;  you will pay your “eggplant” with a “banknote or note” while for your “eggplants” will be counted “in the bill”. And if you travel in autumn, Oxford will be the “autumn” while in Dallas  you will be in a “fall day”. You may also visit DifferenceBetweenz to learn more about the such similar terms and objects, which confuses us a lot.