How to choose your CRM solution to stay in the trend of the customer experience?


The CRM market has been growing steadily for the last 5 years, often with a reversal of usage trends compared to the stakes of these solutions at the outset. According to a recent IDC study, the CRM market in Australia represents 842 million $, or 6% growth compared to 2016. In this context, we see 13.7% growth for the CRM in SaaS mode, with 73% of market. It is in the use of these solutions that the main evolution rests since in terms of market segmentation we observe an annual growth of 9.1% for marketing. In fact, customer relationship management is increasingly based on the branding strategies that are now in place, with the predominance of the exploitation of customer experience data.

Customer relationship management

Customer knowledge remains a major stake of the company since to satisfy the customer it is of course essential to know it well. A more recent requirement directly impacts the management of the customer relationship. Indeed, the customer experience and the analysis of its journey require to be able to use and exploit the data in multi channel mode. The customer is now everywhere and the principle is to be in the same place as him. Not only to be in the same place but also to adapt to the new modes of communication and the new codes that he uses to apprehend the brand, to speak to him, to be a force of proposition even sometimes. The customer has recaptured the web, the marketing 2.0 then passes through increased interactivity and the company also takes the floor. QED.

To cope with this change in trade, the CRM market you should visit for CRM Consulting, which has been growing for five years, has had to adapt. Business priorities have shifted to moving the border relationship management from the customer experience. The bond is knotted, the relationship is woven, it is now to listen to the other to ensure continuity. The CRM offer, like that of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has therefore also evolved to offer more and more tools to companies to stay in control of this continuity in the relationship, all media combined. The solutions proposed today must therefore at least provide a unified view of the client, regardless of the channel used. CRM solutions must also provide the tools to understand the buying behavior, to know the customer’s tastes, to meet his needs to better loyalty.

Choose your CRM solution for a better customer experience

IT Solutions Solved offers a complete guide to choosing a CRM solution that integrates the requirements of customer knowledge and customer experience. To be successful, companies must imperatively get closer to their target at all levels. From the expression of the first need to the anticipation of the next, the expectations of the customer and the motivations of the user correspond to the objectives of the brand that follow this typical purchase path. Integrating all this customer knowledge to meet them with the tools of the customer experience is the challenge that Customer Relationship Management solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are now ready to meet by enriching their offer in this direction.