How to automate the sales force with Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a sophisticated software designed for the stages of the sales process are simple and have a better organization within the company.

With Zoho CRM we can track in real time the opportunities that arise with customers, current or potential. Manage the different contacts we have been making with each client, and have all the relevant information registered to improve our relationships and maintain them in the long term.

Knowing our customers is basic and essential if we want them to be satisfied with the company and the service we offer. In addition, it also enables future business opportunities. Knowing the customer, we can know if our product has pleased him when he has bought it or at what moment he can repeat a purchase with us of the same product or a similar product. The data will also help us identify future cross-selling opportunities with the same customer.

As we already know, a CRM is a software for the management of relations with consumers, focusing the business strategy around customers. For this reason, it is so important to have all customer information stored and sorted so that we can access it whenever we need it, whatever the stage of the sales cycle in which we find ourselves.

Zoho CRM

Information of potential clients in Zoho CRM

The stored data of potential customers have a fundamental role in the sales team. They are the ones who have to take care of getting those potential customers, interested in our product or service, to become real customers.

Within the Zoho CRM potential customer module, you can check Zoho CRM pricing from here, we can find an organization (account), contact and business opportunity.


An account must have information related to the client company. All the information is useful and will serve us to offer a more personalized service to our customers.


Having all the contacts in the same database is very simple with Zoho CRM and can be very useful when we are working. Import contacts from external sources, from the web page, synchronize contacts from Outlook to CRM and, much more!


It is very important to take into account at what stage of the sales process is our contacts, for the activities that have to be carried out with each one. In the opportunity phase: we must inform about our products, new offers, demonstrations, etc.


Forecasts play a key role in the sales team and define the trajectory of the company.

With Zoho CRM you can track real-time income and sales to make adjustments or changes to meet the market forecasts.


With the Zoho CRM source module, we can collaborate with all team members in a simple way, start a debate, send a message, name a partner, comment on an activity, etc.


It was never so easy to share documents with the rest of the company’s workers, or even clients. Working with the documents in our Zoho CRM will make us organized, without taking up any space on our computer. In addition, we can work with any type of file: PDF, Images, invoices, etc.


With the Zoho CRM macros, we will improve productivity and we will do it in a simple way, we can program, execute tasks or update any type of information visible to the rest of the team.

If you want to know more about how they work, we recommend you read this article: Macros in Zoho CRM: How to create, execute and delete a macro?


With the CRM we can associate activities with different contacts, follow-up activities, communication, search for feedback from our service, etc.