Gift ideas and how to celebrate Mother’s Day if you are pregnant

You still do not have your baby in your arms, but you are a mother from the moment you decide to bring a child to this world. And with much more reason if you’re pregnant! Be it your first baby or the newest of a long line, make sure you celebrate Mother’s Day as you deserve it and celebrate your pregnancy.

Schedule a photo session of your pregnancy

This is a way to celebrate the process by which you become a mother and have a nice memory of your pregnancy. The photographs can be artistic, casual, familiar or comical. The idea is that you enjoy the experience. To inspire you, I recommend our image gallery Ideas for your pregnancy photo session.

Start the baby album or scrapbook

Your little one’s life begins at the moment of conception. You can start your scrapbook by writing the story of how you met your partner and the moment they decided to become parents. Includes photographs of ultrasounds, a family tree, family photographs and any other detail that makes it special.

Share with other mothers

As soon as your pregnancy belly begins to notice, the mothers around you run to flood you with advice, anecdotes, home remedies and good wishes. Almost always these moments occur spontaneously, but what if you schedule a meeting with your mother, your grandmother, aunts, friends or other mothers to share – and in the process you can learn one or another trick of motherhood.

Advertise your pregnancy

If you have not already done so, Mother’s Day is a memorable occasion to give the good news, whether to your partner, future grandparents, siblings or friends. These articles can help you:

Ideas to announce your pregnancy. This text was written for Christmas, but the suggestions are equally valid at any other time.

How can I say I’m pregnant? So do the famous pregnant Claro, they have the attention of the whole world and money to spare, but you can use creativity to take advantage of their ads. You could, for example, make a fake magazine cover with the news, or if you want to make it as public as these celebrities, you can announce it on Facebook or Twitter.

When to announce your pregnancy at work? Once the good news is released, it is a matter of time before it reaches the ears of your bosses. Consider the factors listed in this text before announcing your pregnancy at work.

Give yourself one last escape

In the United States this tradition has become so common that it even has its own term: baby moon. It is something like the honeymoon but it is taken before the baby is born. As long as you do not have a high-risk pregnancy and your doctor does not contraindicate it, you can travel during pregnancy. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to give you a getaway with your partner, but before packing your bags.

Gifts for Mother’s day

The options are many: a practical gift to use during pregnancy, time alone to rest, jewelry to commemorate pregnancy or things for your baby. If you need help – or think your partner needs it – to choose a gift.

What to give a pregnant woman? This article was written for Valentine’s Day, but the suggestions can be useful for any occasion.

A day of shopping

If the waistline that is disappearing and the little belly that appears do not let your favorite jeans close, it’s time to buy maternity clothes. Fortunately, the current styles of clothing for pregnant women are modern and very similar to fashion for non-pregnant women as a gift on happy Valentine‚Äôs Day gifts.

Dedicate the day to prepare for the arrival of your baby

Preparing the baby’s room, buying your clothes and getting ready for your arrival gives you a satisfaction that only a mother can understand. This can be your gift to yourself.