Garden Shed Organization Ideas

Time for some inspiration around these parts – today it’s all about the garden shed! Do you have one? Let’s dive into some reasons why they’re so awesome to have, and some easy and creative ways for keeping them sorted and organized.

Garden Shed Organization Ideas – garden sheds and garages are notorious for being disorganized and messy spaces. I’ve rounded up some inspiring ideas for organized garden sheds, a place to keep your gardening tools, equipment and ‘bits and pieces’ organized and easily accessible. Click through to be inspired!
Garden Shed

Our garage is the worst area in our house in terms of organization. I have tried a number of times to get it sorted, but the following issues always seem to bring me undone:

– our garage is very small, which means it is crowded with ‘stuff’

– the gardening tools are hard to access (situated behind my husband’s work bench), which means we neglect the garden

– there are lots of items that can’t be reached easily because bigger objects are in the way

– we find ourselves just dumping things on the work-bench because we can’t actually walk around in the space.

Can anyone else relate to these problems?? My husband and I are itching to do many house-projects over the next few years, but we both agreed that the priority was to sort out the garage mayhem. Our first step was to construct a shed in the back yard for all our gardening supplies, thus giving us greater garage space. I’ll be sharing details of this project later in the week, but of course I needed some ideas first, so let’s get inspired!


Garden shed

  1. This small space takes advantage of the back of the doors to hang gardening tools. Simple shelving inside means that everything is out on display so it can be quickly grabbed and easily put back in its place.
  2. I love anything that Jen from I Heart Organizing does, and the colorful pegboard in her garden shed is no exception. The smaller gardening tools, as well as seeds and supplies, are right at hand, while larger tools are held in place by simple hooks and twine.
  3. Another pegboard wall – it really is a great organizational choice in a garage or shed. Cupboards allow more unsightly items to be hidden away.
  4. Some cute and colorful storage options in this shed, with the yellow, red and pink buckets. These containers make carrying supplies around the garden a lot easier, as well as keeping the essentials corralled.
  5. This shed incorporates clever storage with wooden floating shelves above the potting bench, and open slanted boxes below, allowing long/tall items to be easily organized.
  6. This space looks more realistic to me in terms of all the things that need to be stored in a shed! Open metal shelving can be adjusted depending on the height of items, and there is even enough space for the wheelbarrow to be leaned up against the wall.

garden shed

  1. This is another view of the same shed, showing how the whole space is being used. The doors hold taller tools, while heavy hooks are used for large, heavy items like extension cords and a leaf-blower. If you’re an avid green thumb, you may need a calendar to keep track of when to plant/feed/weed – a magnetic whiteboard on the back wall is good option.
  2. This tiny space has been so well organized – every inch of space is being used! The mesh baskets on the door provide ample storage, tools are hung on the back wall, and there is still room on the shed floor for those gardening essentials.

If you’ve got a garden shed, or are thinking of getting one, I hope this has given you some ideas for storage. I’ll be back on Thursday with a post on how we constructed our garden shed, and a video of the shed organization on