Fun Things to do with Kids for Under 100 AED

Fun Things to do with Kids for Under 100 AED

Finding fun and enjoyable things to do with kids is always going to be one of the most searched for things when it comes to any location and with Dubai, it’s no different.

The thing is, in Dubai, there’s always something pretty great to do with kids and ideally you can keep the price under 100 AED (£21) because that’s a nice even number.

Save enough on the kids things to do and you can really treat yourself to some of the amazing golf courses in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

Bounce Dubai

A trampoline is one of the best things ever in the world to a child and even to some adults.  It’s one of the most fun things you can do while enjoying a proper physical activity.  We all love it when the kids can have fun while enjoying a physical activity that gets them up and moving, so head on down to Bounce Dubai for one of the best trampoline experiences in the UAE.

Bounce Dubai is not just a trampoline park, though, it’s also got a state of the art parkour and obstacle course, too.  The parkour course named X-Park, is a fantastic and innovative way of introducing athleticism to kids and teenagers in a fun and exciting way.  Bounce Dubai has loads of cool things to do within the building, listed on their website are:


  • Free Jumping
  • The Wall
  • Slam Dunking
  • Performance Trampoline
  • Big Bag Jumping
  • Dodge Ball
  • Super Tramp
  • Ziplines
  • Quick Drops
  • Slides
  • Slacklines


And if you’re unsure of what any of those things actually mean, don’t worry, you’ll soon find out.

Bounce Dubai is an affordable and exciting day out for the kids and you’re welcome to join them on the trampolines or X-park.

Bounce Dubai offers a variety of tickets, such as a General Access ticket for 80 AED (£17) which gives you access to the trampoline park for an hour.  Then they have a Premium Access ticket for 100 AED (£21) which gives you access to the trampoline park and the X-park obstacle course for an hour.  There’s also a family ticket available for 240 AED (£50) that will give access to 4 people for an hour.

The Green Planet

The Green Planet, at the City Walk in Dubai is one of the best entertainment and educational rainforest adventure you can enjoy in the whole country.  You can learn about each level of the rainforest and what animals and plants you’d expect to find there.  There are some pretty cool exotic animals such as lizards, insects and snakes as well as plenty of birds and some fluffier friends.

The Green Planet offers tickets for as little as 95 AED (£20) for adults over 12 years old and then 70 AED (£14) for kids over 3.


The cinema is always a pretty amazing thing for kids to do and coupled with any of the other great things for kids to do can easily equal a cheap and eventful day.  The cinemas in Dubai are priced very affordably at around 35 AED (£7) for a standard ticket.

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