Differences between a Microwave and a Microwave Oven

When we go to buy a new microwave we usually go to the practical, but if you are thinking about renewing the old one from home you will have realized that today there is a great variety of models to choose from. Before choosing any device worth analyzing the differences between one and another to decide what suits us for our needs.

It is clear that best microwave ovens stand out over traditional microwaves because they offer many more features and are more striking in their design, but they also go up in price. How are they exactly different? Is it worth the investment?

The traditional microwave: especially for heating

We understand by traditional microwave the typical one of all the life that already had our parents, that one that does not lack in any kitchen and that almost always is used only to warm up. Aesthetically they have not changed much in recent years, and the truth is that all brands have a very similar design, usually white and similar dimensions.thai lottery numbers are available here.

It was born as an aid in the kitchen to heat, thaw and cook quickly, although with little precision. The cooking is based on the action of the microwaves, heating directly the central and upper part of the food, which usually causes overheating leaving cold or raw parts. If we want certain uniformity, we must try short times and remove.

Today most of them include the grill function, an electric resistance located in the upper part that allows to brown and grill. With it we can for example melt cheese or brown the top of the dishes, imitating the oven but without achieving exactly the same finish . That is, it concentrates the heating action at the upper point, but does not “cook” as such. The big advantage is the speed and comfort of use.

Depending on the model and the number of watts, the traditional microwave presents a range of power levels with which we can play according to what we want to prepare.

Microwave oven: the advantages of a microwave with the finish of a convection oven

In a higher range we find microwave ovens, also called convection ovens. The first thing that attracts attention is the higher price, but it is an investment that responds to the greater benefits that we offer in the long term.

Microwave ovens function as a dual-purpose appliance: the advantages of the traditional microwave add up to all the possibilities of the convection oven. That is, in addition to heating allow us to cook with a real finish, such as we would get in the oven.

These microwaves are also more powerful and present a range of functions and cooking modes designed for different foods and recipes. The dishes are baked by convection heat, is more homogeneous and the finish more natural and tasty, with a golden and crunchy exterior. The finish and texture has nothing to do with traditional microwave cooking.

LG Smart Inverter, 4 in 1 microwave oven with exclusive technology

The LG Smart Inverter offers the functions of a conventional microwave and a microwave oven featuring 4 functions in 1 : microwave, grill, oven and multifunction. It also does so with the exclusive Smart Inverter technology that allows cooking, heating and thawing much faster and evenly, maintaining the flavor and nutrients of food.

This technology uses an uninterrupted flow of power that cooks much faster, saving time and energy. Unlike conventional microwaves and other convection models, with LG Smart Inverter we can precisely control the power at any time, thus avoiding the typical fluctuations and temperature peaks that cause overheating.

This way you can cook and thaw evenly, achieving a perfect finish in any recipe, from healthy fried with a crispy golden exterior to braised steamed dishes. By acting also as a convection oven allows roasting large foods and also baking pastry and bread, thanks to the multifunction that adapts to all kinds of recipes.

The benefits offered by microwave ovens are much superior to those of a traditional one. They are not just for heating: with advanced technology such as the LG Smart Inverted we can prepare any dish much faster, in a comfortable and healthy way and with the maximum flavor , becoming an indispensable ally in the kitchen of the day to day.