To Soothe the Fears and Anxieties of His Child

A sudden noise, a change of environment or simply the fear of black, your child encounters many anxieties during its development and maturation. To accompany and soothe him, you need to reassure him and help him gain self-confidence

To appease the fear of the dark, the monsters and the anguish of the bedtime

The time of bedtime can be synonymous with anxiety for the child. Fear of being alone in the dark, afraid of monsters and shadows, these are all fears he will have to overcome to start a serene night. To help in this way, there are some tracks that are both reassuring and easy to set up:

  • Establish a bedtime ritual: a moment of calm and sharing, this little routine is meant to be reassuring and brings a sense of security to the child. It’s up to you to choose the activities adapted to the needs and the age of your little one: stories, songs, discussions and even hunting monsters, the main thing is to be available to listen and reassure him.
  • Anticipate your possible anxieties and take the time to organize your room according to your fears. In discussion with your child, identify toys with terrifying shadows and store them in a closet. You can also leave him a flashlight or a night light to reassure him and place his bed facing the door so he feels less at risk.
  • Finally, avoid letting him play in front of screens before bedtime so as not to stimulate him and not let him see images that could hit him.

Manage the anxieties of the school in the child

Bellyache, irritability, crying and even isolation are common symptoms of school anxiety for a child. Real suffering, it is imperative to quickly determine what is the exact object of his fear: fear of failure, violence of one or more other children, severity of a teacher, etc.

To Soothe the Fears and Anxieties of His Child

For the little ones, this anguish is most often linked to a fear of abandonment. To help him manage this separation, the presence of familiar objects like his blanket is essential. You can also create time references (lunch, nap and then reunion) to promote its visualization of the day.

For older adults and especially teenagers, school competition can quickly become very distressing. Reassure him regularly about his abilities and skills and congratulate him with every good note or appreciation. In this way, the attention is not only focused on its results but rather on its progress and its desire to learn. As for the anxieties related to school violence, you must act without delay and take charge of the problem quickly.

Remove the fear of noise in your child

Hypersensitive, children are sometimes terrorized by a simple unusual noise and / or sudden. In reality, they are afraid, not of noise, but of the unknown and something they do not understand. To help reassure and reduce fear, it is best to explain to your child where this noise comes from and what its cause is.

The dog and his barking can for example become a real source of anxiety for the child. To help him to apprehend a future meeting with the animal, imitate this noise with him and make it a game. Explain to him also what is the use of this “waouf-waouf” of the dog and favor cuddly exchanges with an animal of your entourage. However, be careful not to force the child and let him go at his own pace, at the risk of creating a real deep anxiety or even a phobia you should read itspsychology to have info about phobia.

Activities to help your child overcome their fears

Young and old need to extemporize their fears and tame them. To help them, small, simple activities can be very effective:

  • For the little ones, the games of hide and seek and imitation are very good tools to reassure them. By hiding, they learn and overcome the fear of abandonment, while by imitating, they relive, by controlling, the agonizing episodes of their daily lives.
  • The books and the artistic activities are also very good outlets for the children. By taking life on a drawing or a painting, the child learns to understand, to express and to play down his fears.

But if a fear or anguish becomes too disabling in your daily life and causes real suffering, without your efforts can change anything, coaching by a specialist is required for more info please visit