Muslim children have rights over their parents: shelter, food, clothing, health, hygiene and education. Therefore, parents are required to provide these for them. Parents must provide financial means and the guarantee of all these needs, while mothers must maintain and disseminate them. As the primary educator of children, mothers should always strive to be compassionate, caring and healthy role models who practice what they preach. http://jumamubarak.com/

The best tips for achieving happiness as an ideal Muslim mother

* Be a student of Allah: acquiring knowledge is a duty for all Muslims. Studying our Din, our religion, and our way of life is especially important when you are a mother, because it is your responsibility to teach your children what is important to your faith. And, to practice it accordingly, in a joint way, you can work to achieve the greatest goal: to enter jennah, paradise. Their studies should include the Qur’an, the Sunnah and Sirah of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, learn about the Sahaba and all our secular studies intertwine history, science and Islamic culture within them.

* Integrate Islam: All you need to know to get a strong character, a nice personality, good manners and ethical and moral values ​​is in the Qur’an and the Sunnah. A Muslim mother must be sincere, honest, reliable, honest, loving, witty, stable, and strive to be the most compassionate caregiver for their children, who will always feel at home. comfortable to come first.

* Inculcate intellectual inquiry as the root for complete knowledge: there are more benefits to creating a learning life to teach a child to love learning, through inquiry reasoning, discovery and inventiveness creation according to his own curiosity.

* Be an enthusiastic and adaptable educator. It is your job to be astute with the different personalities, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, sensibilities and talents of each of your children. By being fully aware of the similarities and differences of each of your children, you will have the patience to meet all your needs and wishes in a personalized way. It is imperative that you treat each child with tact and the amount of attention they deserve. In doing so, your children will never doubt that home is your safest and safest place in this world.

* Offer advice in a rewarding environment. As a senior advisor to your children, make sure to maintain a reliable and respectful atmosphere that allows them the convenience of finding a deep understanding and appreciation for all that you have learned in this world. When a child has a supportive environment, he / she will grow and prosper in all or part of the subjects to teach you, be it religious education, secular, cultural, physical, art, logic, home economics, civic education, politics, the administration of money or any life lesson you teach them.

* Be a delicious Discipliner and Just Judge. When you maintain honest and patient behavior, your children deliberately accept strict rules, understandable limits, frequent rewards, and just punishment. Children really develop in environments that emphasize the rules, because it gives them the opportunity to please others in the process, like their parents and Allah. To be more effective, you need to stand firm, steady, and conform to all questions, otherwise your children will undermine your authority if they perceive that you are not valuing your authority for yourself.

* Be a fun family resource manager. It is essential that you offer your children animated, creative, exciting, unexpected, fun and colorful animations that are halal / permissible. By offering your children all the pleasures that this world has to offer in the context of Islam and in a secure environment of their family, they develop trust and respect for their individuality, who will not be affected and will want haram / ban external influence. Regardless of whether you live in a predominantly Muslim or non-Muslim culture, it is your job not to allow your children to assimilate into non-Islamic customs, or to isolate them from non-Islamic lifestyles. It is your duty to show all forms of cultural understanding, and as long as they Sunnah, develop a strong Muslim worthy to be imitated by others in this life