6 Tips to get Ready Recipes Grilled Vegetables

Now of course there is endless variation with vegetables, just like with the herbs and spices you add. Even with the dishes you make you can do everything! We give you our eight favorite recipes with grilled vegetables. You may also visit this website to learn more about such recipes as well or you wanna east such delicious food in London UK.

  1. A traditional ‘AGV-tje’

If you still have those vegetables in the oven, you can prepare the rest of your meal just as well. Fill a different baking tin with baby potatoes (tasty with garlic and rosemary) and prepare a piece of salmon in an oven dish. You do not need more than a few minutes of preparation, and the result is healthy as well.

  1. 2. Wraps with grilled vegetables

Looking for an easy lunch dish? Whole meal wraps with a filling of grilled vegetables are always a good option. You can add extra ingredients such as a generous spoon of cottage cheese, chicken breast, olives or some fresh lettuce. Or make falafel balls and serve with cubes of feta.

  1. Vegetable soup

Soup is even better if you have grilled the vegetables first. They have a more intense taste, and you will definitely taste that back. You only need to puree the grilled vegetables when they come out of the oven, possibly with some warm broth. For extra filling you can use soup balls or a spoonful of huttenkase. If you want some extra carbohydrates, you can add whole grain pasta.

  1. Pasta sauce

For a quick pasta meal you can also use the vegetables in tomato sauce! Puree tomatoes in the oven, and add other grilled vegetables into pieces. Do you have children with it? Then you can also puree the other vegetables with them – so they do not even notice that they eat healthy … If necessary, add some chopped or grated cheese, season with Italian herbs, and the sauce is ready!

  1. Roll with vegetables

If you have leftovers of grilled vegetables, you can easily use them on a sandwich. For example, hummus is delicious with grilled vegetables. But even with a tasty burger, vegetables from the oven are a tasty alternative to the standard cucumber and tomato or how about goat’s cheese with vegetables? You can vary almost endlessly here.

  1. Plate cake with grilled vegetables

A plate pie is something like a quiche – but even faster. Cover a baking sheet with slices of puff pastry and press the edges together. Brush the dough with a tasty base, such as tomato sauce or pesto. Fill with vegetables and seasonings such as olives, balsamic vinegar and feta. Then you only have to bake the whole in the oven for 20 minutes!