Take Care of Yourself

Dusk over mountains in Frederick sound, Alaska. Colors are enhanced in terms of saturation but natural.


…truly there is no getting around it, sleep is the most important and best thing we can do for getting or staying healthy. And not just any sleep but good sleep, no, great sleep. So, that can be easier said then done. It’s the end of the day, your tired and want to go to bed so you decide to watch a movie to change gears. You head hits the pillow and your you are wide awake!! Ugh! Your too hot, the bright LED light from the clock on your nightstand mocks you and your phone keeps reminding you that a new email just came in. Finally you start to dose off and you hear the sound of someone snoring! You spring awake and realize, it was you. This makes for a long painful night. Let’s do something about it…but what? Well here are a few things that make a world of difference.

Keep a Regular Sleep Cycle

Going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday, (yes even on the weekends!) Can begin to prepare your body for sleep. Your body and mind feels the rhythm of the day and can begin slowing down for sleep.

Keep the Room Dark

If may seem strange but even the faintest light of the clock radio can disrupt your sleep. Use black out blinds to sheild you from the light of an early bedtime or and early sunrise.

Keep the Room Cool

It may seem counter-intuitive but keeping the room cool actually helps you to sleep more soundly. When we get to warm we wake up to throw off the covers and cool down. Once we cool down we pull the covers back up and fall asleep only to wake up and start the cycle all over again. Doing this all night means we are waking from our deep sleep over and over again causing us to wake up feeling unrested.

Create a Bedtime Routine

If you begin the process of preparing for bed and do the same things every night, your body and mind will begin to correlate the activity with falling asleep. This can actually become one of your favorite times of day. Start by making yourself a cup of warm herbal tea, light some candles, go and take a relaxing bath, do your grooming at night.  It will make you feel clean and smooth ready to fall back in your bed and drift off.  I have come to find that using the Bevel shaving system really helps.  Between using the pre-shave oil which has lavender oil in it causes me to feel so restful!  Listen to music that soothes you. Any and all of these things are easy to do, don’t much money if any at all and will send you on your way to better health.